Sep 23, 2011

Excerpt From A Dream

This post very much caught my interest. I feel that it raises a cogent point: there comes a time when we have to take a stand. Those of us who identify with the progressive side of Heathenism cannot always afford to maintain a "polite" silence.

A few weeks ago, I actually had my first dream of encountering my God, Forseti, face-to-face. In the dream, I knew I was supposed to meet Him, and then heard His voice telling me where to look for Him. I went where I was supposed to go and was able to pick Him out from within a crowd: He appeared to be a professionally dressed older man with short, curly gray hair and creamy brown skin. He had hazel eyes--light brown with other colors mixed in. All in all, He looked Latino, or perhaps Middle Eastern. I won't go into the entire dream, but throughout, there was a deep sense of connection, love, and the possibility of real hope for those who had been victimized in brutal ways. My dream ended with these words: "justice is for everyone."


  1. I got talking to a guy from AFA once on a website, and casually mentioned Loki. I was met with utter vitriol - the man called Loki a f----t and went fucking nuts on me with racist and homophobic comments.

    I briefly considered mentioning that Odin practised Seidhr but to be honest I was becoming a little frightened by his violent comments, so I told him to get fucked and disappeared. Ever since I have viewed AFA with an exceedingly high level of suspicion.

  2. I don't know anyone from the AFA on a personal or an Internet level: the article did intrigue me, however, for I feel it vitally important to share a faith that can include *all* the children of Midgard. My initial inquiries into Asatru tended to pull up more "folkish" material than not. This was not at all helpful for coming to the Gods--indeed, it was highly off-putting. Fortunately, They are so much greater than human prejudices and were able to get through despite this. I especially loved the second-to-last paragraph of the article, concerning Odin.