Jul 4, 2011

Drawing Of Loki

This is a devotional drawing of Loki I created this morning. I used pastels on black paper, but I had to balance out the colors with my art software, as they were far too muted at first. Licensing is Creative Commons Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA). If you wish to print out a copy, you may have to lighten the picture up beforehand. My printer definitely had some trouble with it.

Pastels seemed very appropriate for a Loki piece. They're not the most precise medium and can blur in unpredictable ways. Pastels were also a childhood favorite--I got all sorts of joy and amusement from them, which is exactly the sort of thing Loki approves of. In any case, the earlier strokes felt like starting off with a mask, a blank and inhumane visage. This gradually gave way to human features and skin tones. I didn't plan this piece out ahead and had some tense moments with it here and there, but I'm very happy with the results.


  1. Pastels were always awesome in class, but they only let us use them about twice a year, because they got EVERYWHERE. Over hands and clothes and floor. But everyone loved them because they were so bright and vibrant.

  2. Great job, I've noticed that a lot of good work comes from unplanned art.