Oct 17, 2011

Thrud, Daughter Of Thor And Sif

Today's post is about Thrud, the daughter of Thor and Sif. She is not a particularly well-known Goddess: even "Our Troth," Second Edition, Volume One has only a short piece on Her. What follows below are personal experiences with Her. While I am not Hers in the same way I am Forseti's, She has been a steady and extremely wise presence in my life. She is very much worth getting to know.

Thrud's name literally means "strength." This is very appropriate for the daughter of Thor Himself. However, the sort of strength She's shared with me has not been that of a strong-armed warrior Goddess rushing into battle. Rather, in Her, there is the strength of the rock outcropping or the fortress, rooted down to the very core. Her strength is the sort that comes from the very heart. It allows for deep emotion and feeling; indeed, insists upon it. Her gift is a true and genuine strength, not an adopted pretense that we assume to force our way through. Like all the Norse Gods and Goddesses, she calls us toward authenticity.

I've found that Thrud has a quiet, gentle demeanor. She is compassionate and is usually soft-spoken: there is a sense about Her that this is because She does not need to raise Her voice. Underneath, there are currents of iron resolve and an absolute willingness to stand strong for those whom She loves. Home and the bonds of family are very important to Her. For those who work in a protective role, She reminds us of why we do what we do. She has been kind enough share with me some of the warmth of Her hearth and home: through Her, I've become closer to Thor and to Sif. They are a beautiful, open-hearted, and loving family. Because of Them, I've felt more of what it means to come Home to our Gods.

Thrud is very much a Goddess of clear thoughts and speech. This makes sense in light of Her associations with chieftains. Muddled understandings and miscommunications are harmful to good leadership. In meditations, I've sometimes found Her one of the easiest Gods or Goddesses to "see." It is worth noting that clarity and strength really do go together: when we speak of a strong color, for example, we mean that it is clear and undiluted. A strong coffee is uncompromising in its own essence; it is not watered down. Thrud encourages strength by being true to what is core in oneself. Her strength comes from a rightful inward focus, like that of a walled fortress buffered from inside, able to withstand gales and attacks. She is gently wise and gives beautiful advice, with Her own feel about it.

A personal story about Thrud: after connecting with Her for a time, She asked me to get Her a gift. She wanted an amber heart and would politely mention this periodically. I kept an eye open for one, but did not look for the piece online, as that approach felt off to me. I was reasonably certain I'd know Her gift when I saw it. Finally, I did find Her heart: it was being sold by a person who is dedicated to Her father. I thought that this was very appropriate, given Her love of Her family.

Associated colors: Red and gold, per "Our Troth." In my experience, She also seems to like warm amber and honey tones.  
Offerings: Mead and flowers, especially flowers in the above colors. There is something very down-to-earth and natural about Thrud. I've found that She very much appreciates lit beeswax candles. She may enjoy oak leaves and trees too, not unlike Her father.


  1. Great article. She has an awesome message. I was just thinking about Thor's kids a little while ago and then I found this. I'm going to draw her soon and this was helpful. I hope she likes it.

  2. I am very glad that you found this article and that it was helpful. Thank you for taking the time to comment here. I find it quite encouraging to read that others are taking an interest in Her. Best wishes with your artwork. I think that it is wonderful that you are creating a piece for Her.