Feb 9, 2012

Balder And Nanna Artwork

Balder and Nanna
A new devotional piece in pastels, with some color-balancing via my preferred art software. The contrasting black and white background symbolizes Their passing through Hela's realm.

I've been in a "Slavic" sort of mood lately. Balder's shirt design reflects this.

Creative Commons Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA).


  1. I really like this pastel... If I may, I'd like to borrow it as an illo for my own Asatro/Asatru blog in my native Swedish (at http://tannhauser3.wordpress.com/) as we have "Alla hjÀrtans dag" or Valentine tomorrow...

  2. Thank you very much. By all means, please feel free to use the artwork on your blog. It is under a Creative Commons license, so non-commercial use is fine.