Mar 20, 2012

The Magic Of Spring


About a week ago, I had an interesting experience in a meditation: I was pursuing another line of inquiry entirely, and suddenly felt Eostre's presence. It took a moment or two to figure out who had stepped over to introduce Herself. She was very beautiful and had about Her the feel of flowers, growth, and the inexorable force of the sun moving up through the sky. The vernal equinox took on new importance at this point, needless to say.
This first day of Spring, I went on a hike. On the recommendation of my fulltrui, I passed the first trail I had been planning to visit and sought out another trail, further out. I was treated to every sort of bird. The sightings started with a very loud, querulous "discussion" between two hawks about who, exactly, was entitled to a choice bit of property by the stream. I followed them for a while while they flew through the trees, exchanging a volley of arguments and counter-arguments. Eventually, one conclusively won his case and returned to his domain, victorious. Later in the day, I saw a larger hawk with a white belly circling above. Perhaps this was the local female? No wonder the battle had been so intense!

Hawks were hardly the only bird in the woods. Every sort of woodpecker was out and about.

A kingfisher made quite a show, flying up and down the stream. These birds are quite shy, and I was lucky to get a photograph.

Signs of Spring were abundant. Daffodils bloomed beside the stream, and small, delicate flowers graced the low spaces in between gnarled roots.

The birds just kept on coming! I also spotted a great blue heron not too far from the kingfisher's territory. Many smaller birds were flitting about in the trees, including cardinals, a bluebird, chickadees, a titmouse, and innumerable nuthatches.

Hawks always remain a favorite, however.

Hail Eostre! Hail the Gods and Goddesses! 
Hail the Day and Night! 
And Hail the Spring!

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