Jul 28, 2012

The Real Glastonbury Tor

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I was eager to see the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony last night. Part of the appeal was that the Olympics are a wholehearted international celebration of a tradition that originated in a polytheist society. This is quite special in itself. But my larger interest stemmed from the fact that I am an Anglophile. Visiting the U.K. always feels like returning home.

I was in England for a summer law program when they announced that London would be hosting the Olympic games. There was shouting coming from all around the school. What was going on? It was only morning, but a lot of people were certainly making a ruckus over something.

That same summer I saw Glastonbury, going off the "recommendation" of a law professor who made a few tongue-in-cheek remarks about the place. The Tor in the Opening Ceremony was crowned with a stalwart oak; below are a few pictures of the actual Tor. It is a remarkable place, but I was especially taken with the flocks of martins circling just above the highest point. It truly felt like the birds were blessing that ancient holy site.

Martins Circling The Tor

Glastonbury Tor

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