Jul 12, 2012

Woodworking: Altar Table

Today marks the completion of a rather involved woodworking project. The last bit of glue finally finished drying, and I can actually pick up the altar table without having anything snap off... I hope.
This was the initial design, which I drew out on the wood in pencil. I started the woodburning before it occurred to me to snap a picture.

More of the woodburning is complete. However, that star on the right didn't quite seem to be balancing out with the rest of the piece...

The final results, after multiple layers of staining and a great deal of sanding. The dark stain kept on bleeding into the knotwork and the sail, so I had to re-sand the piece a number of times.

Time to add some height... that is to say, legs. The application of copious amounts of wood glue was a good start. But I found myself consulting my legal tomes for further assistance. 

And this is the completed altar table...

If you enjoyed this post, please consider visiting Deb's Den. She makes very intricate and affordable pieces honoring the Gods and Goddesses. No affiliation here: I have ordered custom work from her and have been very happy with her creations.


  1. This is beautiful! Wonderful work, and defo gives me some ideas of my own! =)

    In frith,

  2. Thank you very much! I can now recommend staining first and gluing on any lighter trim afterwards. Much easier process.