Mar 10, 2013

A Springtime Symphony

I had a wonderful experience today, the first day of Daylight Savings Time: I was out hiking and happened upon a full frog symphony, a miracle in the marsh.

The singing was loud and unmistakable, and could only be heard in one area. Some took more note of the concert than others. Not far off, bicyclists whizzed by, calling out warnings to pedestrians over the frogs' music. One couple walked right past them without pause, deeply engrossed in a discussion about money. But there were also people like myself who were inspired and who stopped to soak up the beauty of the unexpected symphony.

As can be seen, I snapped a few photos of the singers themselves. They were doing a very good job at hiding themselves, but there was one open spot where they posed for some shots.

I even tried my hand at making a music video. You can't see any of the frogs in it, but you can get a nice look at their habitat and hear their amazing springtime song.

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