Nov 29, 2013

Winter Crows

Today was an excellent day for observing crows. I have always liked these birds, but as a Heathen, I now like them even more. Odin is one of the Gods for whom I feel a particular resonance.

The crows congregate in the trees and by a mudlfat, cawing and socializing. They are remarkably intelligent creatures, reminding us of the wise All-Father.

 Here is a short movie of the crows in the trees near the water:

Hail Odin!
Hail the approaching Yuletide!


  1. I've always liked crows and magpies myself, as well as Ravens. Where I live, we have them all in abundance :)

  2. I am glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Ah, magpies. I remember them. They are fascinating birds.

  3. Oh. THEY KNOW SOMETHING. Have no doubt.


  4. A flock (family?) of crows lives in the tall trees near my house. I hear them every morning as I go out to make my offering.

    I heard a very deep, strange CAAAAW directly behind me as I was offering to Odin one day. Gave me sheer ripples down my spine.

  5. If you feed them they will watch your back in times of strife. They are good watchers and will let you know what and who is present. Take care not too be their enemy. Beautiful and intelligent creatures they are:)