Nov 29, 2013

Winter Crows

Today was an excellent day for observing crows. I have always liked these birds, but as a Heathen, I now like them even more. Odin is one of the Gods for whom I feel a particular resonance.

The crows congregate in the trees and by a mudlfat, cawing and socializing. They are remarkably intelligent creatures, reminding us of the wise All-Father.

 Here is a short movie of the crows in the trees near the water:

Hail Odin!
Hail the approaching Yuletide!


  1. I've always liked crows and magpies myself, as well as Ravens. Where I live, we have them all in abundance :)

  2. I am glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Ah, magpies. I remember them. They are fascinating birds.

  3. Oh. THEY KNOW SOMETHING. Have no doubt.


  4. A flock (family?) of crows lives in the tall trees near my house. I hear them every morning as I go out to make my offering.

    I heard a very deep, strange CAAAAW directly behind me as I was offering to Odin one day. Gave me sheer ripples down my spine.