Sep 2, 2013

Experiences With The Goddess Gna

In this post, I would like to share some photo art and a few thoughts on the Goddess Gna. My impressions are rooted in personal experience (UPG) and are based on only a small number of encounters. For a quick overview on Her, you can reference the Wikipedia article about Gna and Hofvarpnir.

The photo art just below was created with stock from two generous stock galleries on DeviantArt: the female model is from Kechake Stock and the horse is from LuDa Stock. The background is my own photography. You can click on the image and right-click "View Image" to pull up a full version of the artwork, which is under a Creative Commons Copyright License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA).

Photo art of the Goddess Gna with Hofvarpnir

Gna is a good Goddess to hail in times of transition. Much like Odin and Loki, She crosses borders and moves between worlds with ease. I have only had a few interactions with Her and have found Her to be refreshingly direct. She seems to get to the point quickly and has a keen sense of humor.

Of course, Gna is very strongly connected with Frigg. On a personal level, I do have my own reservations about the title "handmaiden" sometimes used for certain Goddesses. To my mind, that word has a bit of a medieval, post-conversion air to it. I do believe that the Goddesses closely associated with Frigg are full Divinities and Holy Powers in Their own right. We can hail Them, honor Them, and grow with any of Them as we might with other Deities in our pantheon.

Gna is a Goddess of communication and information. I suspect that her purview would extend to modern information technologies and to those who work with those technologies.

Gna is also very much a traveler. She is an excellent Goddess to consult for those who do any sort of "journey work" or interactive meditation. If you are a devotee of a particular God or Goddess, She can teach much about what it means to further the interests of a Divinity.

In my interactions so far, I have experienced Her as a youthful, lively Goddess with gold or blonde hair. As mentioned in other posts, though, I sometimes get rather hazy "visuals" in meditation. In any case, Gna is quite friendly, swiftly intelligent, and had an extremely compassionate feel to Her. She sees many worlds and places, and She is very close to Asgard's Queen.

Hail Gna, bright messenger!
Hail lovely Goddess, who rides far and wide,
 Bringer of blessings and knowledge!