Jan 20, 2014

Three Years Later: Wrapping Up This Blog

After three years of posting, I have come to the somewhat hard--but unavoidable--conclusion that this blog has fulfilled its purpose. I began this site back when resources were more limited. It was not as easy to find materials that treated communicating with the Norse Gods as a real or desirable possibility. Then too, one could not read about interacting with Loki just anywhere either: the Marvel movies had not yet been released, for better or worse or whatever might lie in between. Needless to say, in three years the landscape has very much changed.

To my mind, three years marks a crossing point in another way: it takes three years to complete a law degree, and on a personal level, I have been feeling a real shift in my direction. My devotional practice has become extremely focused on Forseti and His immediate family. While I love and honor the other Norse Gods and Goddesses, my fulltrui and those dearest to Him are now so very much my axis that I am left wondering how applicable my experiences are to others. If I do feel called to write about Forseti or His family in the future, I get the sense that I would be looking at something more in-depth than a single blog post: a devotional book or an e-book, perhaps. 

When I first started Lagutyr, my God made it clear to me that I was not to use this blog to indulge in "analysis without heart." I hope that these writings have fulfilled that mandate. I will be leaving this site up as a resource. My e-mail in the contacts link to the left will remain valid; feel free to send an e-mail even if you come across this blog at a later time.

Please note that I am continuing with Fun With Frisian. If you were worried about that particular site disappearing, you need not fret.

Additionally, the Forseti Resource Pages should be getting the occasional update.

One final link: I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the less formal platform offered at Tumblr. It seems to allow users to control the content they see and can be far less intensive than blogging. I'm using it to enjoy artwork and photography. Should you wish to stay in touch there, my URL is http://orderinthequartz.tumblr.com/.

Thank you all for reading Lagutyr. 

Be well, wherever your path may lead. 

May the Gods and Goddesses bless you. 

May They keep you in Their joy and Their light.